This is my journey...
From Oil Refinery Worker. To a Solar Business Owner
Chapter 1: 

The Awakening 

Back in 2009, when I was 28 years old, I was a lab tester in a small oil refinery in southern Illinois.  One Friday evening after donning my PPE, logging into the computers, and turning on some music; I walked over to the line of crude oil samples for me to analyze.  I had been updated about a new product arriving, but I had forgotten about this, so the initial inspection of the new oil was a bit of a shocker. This oil was thick... Like cold fudge, thick. Crude oil is typically like chocolate milk thick… So, you can imagine me being puzzled. I followed the analysis procedures in the emails and started the testing. Once the samples were running in the machines, I went back to the computer did some research on this new product, from Alberta, Canada.

I found out that this oil is called the Tar Sands of Alberta.  After researching this over the next several weeks, I found out that the extraction process starts with the cutting down the virgin boreal forest, next is the removal of the all of the top soil, and right beneath that is where a deep layer of tar lies.  The discovery of the tar lead to massive investment into the area and the Canadian government enforcing the transplanting of the Native Indians from their homeland so that the heavy machinery can begin their work, and unfortunately this excavation lies potential threats of having heavy metal contamination from the tar to the surrounding waterways. 

Listen, I was a country boy growing up, I wasn’t raised an environmentalist, but I spent almost my entire childhood out in the woods rather in front of TV and playing video games on end.  This created space in me to become a lover and respecter of nature, and a rock hound.  So it’s not surprising that something about this process just struck me as being wrong. I was ok with drilling below the surface for oil, and I still am, but this process was a whole new level of wrong.

I began imagining the land I called home being ripped out and away and being forced to move by the government so that private enterprise could move operations in so make shit tons of money off the only place I had ever called home, and what would be left afterwards be a desolate waste land. I learned that the size of this extraction would not just affect the small land area that my parents possessed, but when the project would be fully exhausted, the area would encompass the entire land masses of the states of Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, half of Kentucky and half of Michigan! Imagine driving for 16 straight hours through a crater of our own creation. Imagine the breadth of this pit that was once teeming with life. Imagine having that road trip with your kids as you were traveling across the nation from the east coast to the Rockies, and finding this hell.

This pissed me off and triggered a shift in my consciousness and my mind became consumed by learning everything about sustainability. I had enjoyed making really good money, my weeks off to go travel; going snowboarding and rock climbing, but since that event, none of that mattered anymore.  I wanted out, I was so pissed that something like this could happen; I wanted to part of a change, to change the outcome.

At about the same time, I started working in the refinery, my brother Frank started working in the solar industry for a company called Akeena Solar. We had joked around that maybe one day we would start our own solar company. At the time of making the comments, I never ever thought it would actually happen, but after this event, I thought to myself that this little pipe dream of ours may potentially be my way out.  So, I started toying with the idea.  I spent my weeks off from work traveling to California to get some OJT from Frank, I spend my nights learning everything I could about sustainability, solar, engineering, electricity, business, market conditions and strategies; Later, I got a certification to be solar installer, performed my first 2 solar installations on my parents houses; one off-grid on a tiny home (before they were called tiny homes), and the other, a standard grid tie.  I decided that I would try and limit my carbon footprint in as many ways as possible.  I bought a Fisckars reel mower so I wouldn’t have to mow with a gas powered mower, still using it today almost 7 years later, and then I bought an electric motorcycle and drove it to the refinery to work.

I was making really good money, going to a church and bible study weekly, happily married, and living my newfound values more and more everyday..  It would appear at a surface level that I have it all, but I couldn’t shake this inner conflict between my employer and these values.  For over a year I prayed to God and sought out a path out. He provided me an interview at a start up bio-fuel refinery in Colorado who was seeking to expand operations, and this was the exact company I had been hoping that I could be employed by.   On paper it was a natural fit for my job experience, my desires to be working in a sustainable company, and the location fit my outdoor interests.  But 15 minutes into the day long interview, I knew it was a terrible fit.  I flew back home, and asked God why?  And what do you want me to do now?

It was this next set of epiphanies that drove me to actually do something significant.

**Since I have mentioned God, I would like to clarify something, I don't care if you call Him; Allah, Buddah, Christ Jesus, Krishna, Jahweh, the Voice, or the Universe.  These are all various ways people have been trying to explain the same driving force that is guiding each and everyone of us and that gives us a deeper purpose and meaning to life.  I choose to believe in Christianity with subtle influences of each of the other religious examples listed above.  If you believe in no God or no ultimate truth, then I encourage you to continue to read the story as well, as it may still resonate with you.  The science part is coming and it gets real sticky, per se.   All are welcome, especially those who are open and are seeking.  

Chapter 2: 

The Revelation and Shift

So, I started digging more into the details to cure this pain I was having.  I sought out for more truth.  During this time, I was learning about electricity, and being a scientist by trade, I was noticing that everything in nature uses direct current (DC) electricity to do work and transfer energy.
Upon pondering further, a deeper revelation to sustainability was revealed to me.

Think about this for a moment...

Right now, the nerve impulses in your brain telling your heart to beat, telling your lungs to inhale and then to exhale, telling your eyes to move to read this, and ALL the thoughts you are currently having, is caused by direct current (DC) causing that work to be done. The same power of the lightning bolts of nature is the same bolts firing in your nerves and working because of DC… Every chemical reaction, every atom has DC at work. Solar panels, batteries, the computer or mobile device you are currently looking at, and damn near everything in your house is all powered by DC. You just have a device built into the plug to convert it from AC to DC. That device is called a rectifier.

You are sustained by direct current. There is nothing you can do to prevent this energy and its associated forces from working in your life... All of Life, and all of natural world both living and non-living use DC


At church, we had been studying various scriptures, and I was introduced to this concept of stewardship. In Genesis 2:15 it says,“The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and keep it.”  I found out that the Hebrew word for keep in this context is “shamar” which means to guard, or to watch and protect. And the word work in this translation comes from the Hebrew word “adad” which means to serve. I realized that if there is no land to for us to serve and protect, then what are we to take care of? 

This convicted me even further. 

With the combination of these new insights and past experiences, I decided that I have to do even more. I just have to, and while I was sitting quietly reflecting on these thoughts a Voice spoke into my heart and brought me one word.. and that word was RECTIFY.

RECTIFY: To make right, to correct a wrong. To convert AC to DC

After hearing the Voice reveal this this word to me, I thought to myself; Holy Cow! Rectify was the perfect word for what I was seeking and feeling in my heart that represented what I was learning, and what felt that needed to be done. We need to fix this problem! 

And then it hit me… 
Maybe, that could be the name of my company! 
Is it available!?

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Chapter 3: 

Committment to the New Path

I was knocking on the door for knowledge, revelation, and truth; seeking out a new mission, and God delivered a possibility and a message.  

Follow your dream, start a solar company, and share these revelations with everyone... 

To be 100% honest, this created an overwhelming feeling of fear, anxiety, and self-doubt in myself, and I questioning myself and God why? 

Why me? 

I am nobody.. I am not capable.. I can’t do this… I had never started a company before, I have only completed 2 installs ever, there is no way I can actually pull this off. 


You are asking me to take on the richest and most powerful enterprise in the world!  
This must have been how Abraham must have felt as a stuttering man and God telling him that he would be the father of many nations.

God was asking me to drop everything and follow Him and this new path… 

  So, I did.  🔥  🔥  🔥

I started my company, named it Rectify, brought on my brother as business partner, by this time had over 500 solar installations completed, moved to Indianapolis with my wife and newborn son, quit the refinery, and started doing His work. I have since carried forward with this mission and message, despite my doubts, knowing deep in my heart, reciting Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things with Christ who strengthens me.” And with the certainty of these words and revelations, I found peace and comfort, knowing that the fire of the Voice of God was revealed to me with this message from Him to carry me and to share to people like you.

The message I am sharing with you is that God wants Sustainability. 
He wants you and us to seek out his Glory in the form of being a sustainable population. 
Everything in nature organic and inorganic, energetic or still, is sustainable, and uses DC. 
The universe and Life as we know it since the beginning of time has these laws in place, and it has since existed and progressed in a sustainable manner. 

So, why don’t we, why don’t you?
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Chapter 4: 

How do you fit in this picture?

Are you are seeing the vision of what I have explained? 
Are you finding clarity and truth of this message? 
Do you agree that the course for sustainable power is through the emulation of what God created,which is the same power and energy that resides in you? 

Do you desire financial freedom and freedom of choice?

If you say yes to any of these questions, then I welcome you.  

I would like to invite you to be part of our mission and vision.
Together we will shift the course of the future. 

The Future is Sustainability. 

It always was.

🔥Be a Catalyst for Change 🔥

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Thank you for taking the time to read my story.  As many entrepreneurs know, business ownership is a difficult journey, but I would not trade this choice for anything.  It has opened my mind to a whole different world of pain, fulfillment, and empowerment.  

My goal in writing this message is to empower you, and people like you.  I ask you to do me a favor and share this story with the people in your life on social media so they can hear a positive story today as well.  

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The Light and the Voice has the answers to all our problems, not just how we get our energy… 
I encourage you to turn to the light always and in all things. 
Seek His Inspiration… 
Seek His Voice… 
God will find you where you are,
Because he resides in you;
Now, Always, Anywhere
Written by Phil Teague, Co-Founder
Rectify LLC DBA Rectify Solar
Copyright 2018. All Rights Reserved.
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